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Accushot22 Specs


Accushot22 Basketball was created by Ricky Pierce, better known as "THE DEUCES." Ricky is a former Rice University star and graduate who retired in 1998 after having an illustrious career in the National Basketball Association (NBA).
Ricky has developed a training basketball that assists with shooting accuracy. He developed the idea after watching his son, Aron, playing basketball at the YMCA. Parents would ask him how their child could learn how to shoot better. Ricky would reply, "If you keep your palm off the ball, you get more consistency in your follow-through, which makes you more accurate."

The System was later developed and is known as the Accushot22, a specially designed patented basketball with ten oval indentations to indicate where and how to place the fingers. 


The ball is a standard regulation-size 7 (29'5) for men and size 6 (28'5) for women. 

The ball has patented ball position points that are indented so that the user can feel the placement for a perfect shot without looking for the fingering patterns.
It serves two distinct purposes. The player doesn't have time to wonder if he/she is holding the ball properly. Once he/she receives a pass, the feel is all that is needed.

The game doesn't have to slow down or stop. The player will be more confident and find it easier to make the necessary adjustments to his or her shooting technique, which provides the deadly accuracy needed to become an outstanding basketball player.

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We are honored to be partnered with one of the most iconic sports brands in the world. 

Spalding will manufacture the Accushot22 Basketball.

By joining forces with Spalding, we are taking this product to the next level.

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